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What Is the Kurdish Question? - by Amy L. Beam; a summary of the 100-year history of Turkey's oppression and massacres of Kurds

Why There Are No Toilets on Mount Ararat - by Amy L. Beam - Both humorous and informative description of dangers of rock slides and background to 30-year conflict between Kurds and the Turkish State. Published also at UKHillClimbing with different photos.

Mount Ararat Trek Review - Descriptions and photos of trek to summit by U.K. family June 2011: Dr. Tim Bourne, Dr. Catherine Bourne, and their teenage sons William and Robert

Prisoners on Hunger Strike for Kurdish Education in Turkey - Nov 4, 2012, Day 54, nearly 700 Kurdish prisoners in 67 prisons across Turkey are on a hunger strike for the right to have education in Kurdish. Amy Beam, tour operator for Mount Ararat Trek, compares a primary school in the Kackar Mountains, replete with computers, to the dilapidated Kazan primary school near Mount Ararat which had no functioning toilets in 2011. She also examines why the Kurds are demanding education in the Kurdish language. Includes 9 photos with link to Kackar Mountains tour.

Hunger Strike in Turkey - Oct 25, 2012, Kurdish prisoners across Turkey are on a hunger strike for the right to have education in Kurdish, use the Kurdish language in the courts, and get improved conditions for acclaimed Kurdish leader Ocalan, held in solitary confinement without access to his lawyer.

The Unsolved Disappearance of Donald Mackenzie - Donald Mackenzie was a Scottish evangelist who disappeared in September 2010 on Mount Ararat. He was climbing the forbidden north side of the mountain to search for the so-called site of Noah's Ark, announced April 28, 2010 by Noah's Ark Ministries International (NAMI) from Hong Kong and the local Kurdish leader, Ahmet "Parasut" Ertugrul. The discovery has been denounced as a fraud.

Turkey's Slow Recovery Six Months After Earthquake - Van, Turkey, April 21, 2012 - Six months after an earthquake of 7.2 magnitude devastated Ercis and Van in eastern Turkey, survivors are facing hunger, financial ruin, and despair. A food program replaced the plan to build a wood house in Van after the government dismantled the wood house in Ercis. Download pdf file. Please wait for file to download.

Van and Ercis, eastern Turkey six months after earthquakes hit - YouTube slideshow, 6 minutes.

Donate to Wood Houses for Homeless for Earthquake Survivors

The Noah's Ark Fraud - Evidence of clear fraud exposed by Dr. Amy L. Beam and others

The Kurdish Guides and the Noah's Ark Discovery Fraud. Please wait as the .pdf file opens.

Armenian Injured on Mount Ararat Rescued by Murat Camping, August 20, 2011; includes photos

Heavy Equipment Burned on Mount Ararat, Turkey, 2010