Mount Ararat Trek Summit climbing tours
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Dogubayazit, Agri, eastern Turkey   
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Mount Ararat Location
Country: eastern Turkey
Region: Anatolia
Province: Agri
Closest city: Dogubayazit
Population: 85,000
Latitude: 39.7 N
Longitude: 44.3 E
Elevation: 5,137 m; 16,854 ft
Iran: 16 km
Armenia (border closed): 32 km
Georgia: 315 km
Istanbul: 1500 km by road

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Fly to Agri, Van, or Kars airports to go to Dogubayazit.

Fly to Erzurum to go to Yusufeli in Kackar Mountains.

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Getting to Dogubayazit Getting to Dogubayazit

Airports: (and driving times)
Igdir - 45 minutes (under construction, not open yet)
Agri - 1.5 hours west
Van - 2.5 hours south
Kars - 2.5 hours north
Istanbul Ataturk Airport (IST) (closest to city center)
Istanbul Sobia Gökçen Airport (SAW)

Airlines: (check baggage restrictions before booking)
Turkish Airlines

Bus from Istanbul to Dogubayazit - 1500 km, 22 hours
We can meet groups at Posof, Georgian border - 310 km, 5 hours
Arrive by ferry to Trabzon then take a bus to Erzurum (224km) then to Dogubayazit (144km), or from Trabzon to Kars (359km), then Igdir, then Dogubayazit (181km)
Train from Istanbul to Lake Van, but arrival times are not convenient or reliable, and the train does not take you all the way to Van city.
Bus from Iran border to Dogubayazit is 32km. Visa required to enter Iran.
Border between Armenia and Turkey is closed. To arrive from Yerevan one must come to Georgian border.

Maps of eastern Turkey.
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1500 km bus trip from Istanbul to Dogubayazit takes 22 hours.
Istanbul-Dogubayazit 1500 km

Dogubayazit-Ararat 32 km

Dogubayazit-Gurbulak, Iran border 34

Dogubayazit-Agri 110 km

Dogubayazit-Igdir 52 km

Dogubayazit-Kars 181 km

Dogubayazit-Van 180 km

Erzurum-Yusufeli 126 km

Erzurum-Dogubayazit 300 km

Kars-Hopa 207 km

Kars-Igdir 139 km

Kars-Posof 131 km

Trabzon-Dogubayazit 498 km

Trabzon-Erzurum 224 km

Trabzon-Kars 359 km

Trabzon-Yusufeli 193 km

Yusufeli-Dogubayazit 322 km

Yusufeli-Kars 166 km

Mount Ararat Trek Summit climbing tours